Trump Just Sent Armed Agents To Raid Politicians’ Warehouse – THEY FOUND IT ALL!!!


President Trump has been attacked for almost everything he’s done while in office. He can’t seem to sign his name to anything without the DNC and mainstream media making it out to be the end of civilization as we know it, and the same extends to his family.
If anyone needed any more proof of that fact, just look back at the way the media treated Melania Trump when she wore heels on the plane to visit Texas after Hurricane Harvey had ravaged the Gulf region.
The President and Vice President came under all kinds of fire for how they handled the relief of each hurricane that hit the United States last year, but none as controversial as to how he dealt with Puerto Rico.
After a very public PR battle with a public official there, liberals and the media jumped at the chance to paint him as if he had no crisis management skills.
Unfortunately for them, it appears that they’re once again very wrong. The Intercept reports that it was, in fact, Puerto Rico’s Electric Power Authority who was behind the stall in getting power and water back to the residents.
The government was forced to step in and send armed combatants to liberate the designated materials needed to restore power to the rest of the area:
“ON SATURDAY, A day after becoming aware of a massive store of rebuilding materials being held by the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, the U.S. federal government — the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, along with their security detail — entered a Palo Seco warehouse owned by the public utility to claim and distribute the equipment, according to a spokesperson for the Corps.
Rumors of a tense standoff had been circulating on the island, but the encounter was confirmed to The Intercept in a statement from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Asked if the federal officers were armed when they entered the warehouse, USACE spokesperson Luciano Vera said they were indeed accompanied by security detail and quickly began distributing the material after seizing it.
Vera declined to say whether there was a confrontation at the entrance, saying only that PREPA officials ultimately toured the warehouse along with the feds:
‘Leadership responsible for restoring the Puerto Rico power grid and their security detail toured the warehouse in cooperation with PREPA. USACE conducted a full inventory and immediately sent out critical materials to contractors at work sites.
USACE will continue to distribute critical materials from the site to contractors. The hope is to strengthen the partnership between PREPA and its restoration partners, while increasing visibility of the inventory of all materials on the island.
PREPA has invited FEMA and the Corps to visit its warehouses anytime and to distribute material as needed.’
The federal government ‘began distributing [supplies] to contractors,’ Vera said, including hard-to-find full-tension steel sleeves, critical to rebuilding. “We obtained several hundred of these sleeves on Saturday,” Vera added.
The armed encounter comes as around half of Puerto Ricans still remain without electricity well over 100 days after Hurricane Maria. As PREPA hoards crucial resources that could help remedy the island’s dire situation, the Puerto Rican government is attempting to annihilate the power provider’s only regulator.
‘Warehouse 5’ — the one which USACE and FEMA entered Saturday — ‘falls under the control of the [PREPA] transmission division and has lacked transparency in inventory and accountability,’ the email from Vera continued. Carlos Torres, appointed by Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló to oversee power restoration, was on site as well.
‘Due to the size of the warehouse,’ Vera said, accounting for everything contained therein is still underway days later.
Among the materials recovered so far are ‘2,875 pieces of critical material to contractors’ along with the sleeves of full-tension steel, a component of Puerto Rican electrical infrastructure required to erect new power lines.
PREPA did not respond to The Intercept’s request for comment, though in a statement to the Associated Press, it rejected allegations that it had failed to distribute the warehouse’s contents.
The AP only reported that ‘officials over the weekend also discovered some needed materials in a previously overlooked warehouse owned by Puerto Rico’s Electric Power Authority.’
How they discovered them and how they were obtained is a story that has not been fully told.”
Everyone has the pet group that they want to blame when the government goes wrong.
If you’re a liberal you want to say it’s conservatives, and if you’re a conservative, you want to say it’s the liberals.
The fact of the matter is that this problem, along with many of the others, is all rooted in selfishness.
We don’t know exactly who stood to gain from this exceptionally corrupt move, but you can bet when they find out who is responsible, it will have been for the purpose of selfish gain.
Once again we find out that if we elected officials who could just follow the golden rule, we would end up with a lot fewer problems.

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