The Numbers are IN — CHILLING Reason Trump Must NEVER Provide Amnesty for DACA

Abraham Lincoln once famously said, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” Ladies and gentleman, that day is rapidly approaching.

The website has run the numbers on what would happen if the Democrats get their wish of amnesty for the DACA “Dreamers” and their families, and it is NOT good!
“President Trump won the 2016 election with 306 electoral votes,” NoisyRoom states, “a margin of 36 electoral votes over the 270 needed to win. The secret to defeating him in 2020 is finding states with more than 36 electoral votes that he won in 2016 that can be denied him. DACA does that and more.”
By funneling the ‘Dreamers’ of DACA into key swing-states, the Democrats are assuring themselves of a victory by the next Presidential election.

Based on U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Service (USCIS) service numbers of monitored DACA ‘immigrants’, NoisyRoom foresees the following:
Florida (with 29 electoral votes) went for Trump in 2016 by a margin of 113,000 votes. DACA voter plants will reverse this by 2020, by adding 250,000 Democrat voters to the roster.
Next up is John “Traitor” McCain’s state of Arizona, with 11 electoral votes. The President carried that by 91,000. This result will also be overturned by 2020 with the addition of 140,000 Dreamers.
Former Red State bastions of conservatism, Georgia and North Carolina, are also being targeted by the Left’s foreign hordes. Combined, the two states would see another 31 electoral votes go to the Democrats.
In other words: Game Over. This is no tinfoil hat conspiracy. This is our unalterable future and it’s happening much sooner than anyone predicted.

Folks, this is nothing short of CHILLING! This means that the Democrats would win the next election — and every one after — not because they came up with better policies for Trump and the Republicans, not because they won in the court of public opinion, but only because they strategically imported enough voters to outnumber the Republicans.
This would be the death of our Republic.
Make no mistake, this fight over the “DREAMERS” or “The Kids,” as the Dems like to call them is nothing short of a takeover of America. This is NOT about “kids,” this is not about “doing the right thing,” this is about VOTES, plain and simple.
How do we know?

Well, just last week, a memo from former Hillary Clinton communications director, Jennifer Palmieri, sent to Democrats in Congress surfaced on January 8, in which Palmieri makes it absolutely clear that DACA is THE KEY to an imminent rise and eternal rule for the Democrats, reports Daily Caller.
“The fight to protect Dreamers is not only a moral imperative, it is also a critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success.” There you have it, in the words of a Clinton acolyte; politics dressed in drag as a moral crusade.

The late, great American Republic has been betrayed from within. Not now, but years, even decades before. It is only now that the carefully concealed, one could say obfuscated, politically-weaponized purpose of the betrayal through illegal immigration is being revealed as the perpetual Democrat vote-getting machine it was intended to be.

 How did we get to this point?
The obvious answer is unchecked immigration that has morphed into a political tool of obtaining permanent power for the Left.
Then there are the demographic numbers.
The National Policy Institute (NPI) has published a video on YouTube that breaks down the global transformation of demographic numbers that is vastly contributing to the rapid erasure of Western Civilization.

In 1950, Whites were the primary racial group in the world, making 27.98% of world’s population, slipping just past the 27.77% of East Asians.
Sixty years later, Whites had fallen to the third spot, with only a 16.43% share of global humanity’s numbers. Central Asians (India, Pakistan and the Middle East) climbed to the number one spot with 25.37%, followed by the Est Asian share of 23.24%.
Now, fast forward fifty years. By 2060, Whites will have fallen to the number four spot with a stunningly low 9.76% share of the global population. Central Asians are projected to retain the number one spot, with 28.98%, but Africans will have climbed to the number two spot, with 25.38%.

“The big population story of the 21st Century,” writes NPI, “is shaping up to be the status reversal of Whites and Blacks and the Indian baby boom generation. A side bar will be the single digit minority role that whites will assume.”
The trend carries over into America and this is where it becomes important in regards to DACA.
In 2010, according to the World Population Review, the American population was 309.3 million people consisting of 72.4% Whites, 16.1% Hispanics, 12.6% Blacks, 4.8% Asians and around 10% other.
By 2055, the U.S. population is projected to be 396,124,995. The racial group breakdown is forecasted to consist of 48% Whites, 24% Hispanic, 14% Asian and 13% Black.
The Hispanic number is predicated on LEGAL IMMIGRATION, thus DACA and its ‘chain migration’ effect would undoubtedly greatly increase their share of the population.
And this projection fails to take into account the fact the vast majority of the world’s coming population growth will be occurring in countries outside of Western Civilization.

History shows that population booms require the need for more land, especially among unindustrialized societies. That means more and more foreigners will be forcing themselves onto the vast expanses of increasingly barren land in North America, Australia and New Zealand; nations and continents hollowed out because of a their inability to preserve their societies.

The decline of the White racial group is linked to what is called replacement fertility. According to social scientists, replacement fertility is the number of children a society has to produce in order to continue growing in the face of the death rate. The ideal number has been determined to be 2.1 children for person who dies.

Anything below this number portends a society’s indigenous population in decline.

Now, according to the Population Reference Bureau, America had a 2.1 ratio in 2009, but a year later it possessed 2.0 and continued to fall in 2010, with a 1.9.
Alea iacta est.
Words of warning uttered in a dead language made that way by a once great civilization’s refusal to see the dangers of the barbarians among them.

What do you think? Is this the end of the American Republic?
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