Comey Just Got Whacked By Trey Gowdy, Congressman Sends ‘Nasty Surprise’ To His Doorstep

Former FBI Director James Comey is wishing that he had never gotten out of bed today. Comey, who allegedly led the cabal of deep state rats to set up President Donald Trump in a bogus investigation, just got whacked by Rep. Trey Gowdy. Crooked Comey thought he was too smart to be caught red-handed, but his phony “good guy” image won’t help him anymore. Gowdy sent a nasty surprise right to Comey’s doorstep that he never saw coming.

James Comey will be the first major player in the deep state cabal to fall. This all came to a head after thousands of text messages between Comey’s top counter-intel agent, Peter Strzok, were sent to Capitol Hill yesterday, and what they uncover points straight to Comey.
Remember, FBI agent Peter Strzok is Comey’s pet. Comey assigned Strzok to be the lead investigator on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, and Strzok was appointed to be the top FBI agent investigating the so-called “Trump-Russia” collusion case. That placed Strzok with a ton of power, and it means that Comey trusted Strzok to do his bidding.
Now, uncovered text messages between Strzok and his mistress, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, have incriminated Comey in a big way. The Hill reports, “Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch knew well in advance of FBI Director James Comey’s 2016 press conference that he would recommend against charging Hillary Clinton, according to information turned over to the Senate Homeland Security Committee on Friday.”
The revelation was included in 384 pages of text messages exchanged between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, and it significantly diminishes the credibility of Lynch’s earlier commitment to accept Comey’s recommendation — a commitment she made under the pretense that the two were not coordinating with each other.
It gets worse though: after Trump's victory, the Secret Society exchanged text messages & met to discuss the "next step". Trey Gowdy even reviewed texts that suggested no text messages about this. James Comey had the FBI operating as a criminal agency.
However, it gets worse. Comey and Lynch reportedly knew that Hillary Clinton would never face charges even before the FBI conducted its three-hour interview with Hillary, which was supposedly meant to gather more information on her mishandling of classified information.
On July 1, 2016, as the Lynch announcement became public, Page texted Strzok,”And yeah, it’s a real profile in courage, since she knows no charges will be brought.” What? Yes, you read that right. Page was telling Comey’s top investigator, Strzok, who is in charge Clinton’s email scandal, that Lynch knows “no charges will be brought” against Hillary Clinton.
Then, Strzok and Page, Comey’s FBI pets, obviously started an illegal investigation into Donald Trump right after he got the nomination. This illegal investigation is called the “Trump-Russia” collusion case which turned into a huge deal after Comey recommended a “Special Counsel” be appointed. Oh, Comey thought he was so smart.
The text messages seem to indicate that some agents within the FBI were making investigatory decisions based on Trump’s ascendancy in the Republican field of presidential candidates. After Ted Cruz dropped out of the presidential race, Comey’s insider rats collude to stop Donald Trump from winning the election by letting Hillary go free.
On May 4, 2016, Strzok and Page had the following text message exchange, as reported by The Washington Examiner:
Page: And holy shit Cruz just dropped out of the race. It’s going to be a Clinton Trump race. Unbelievable.
Strzok: What?!?!??
Page: You heard it right my friend.
Strzok: I saw trump won, figured it would be a bit…Now the pressure really starts to finish MYE…
Page: It sure does. We need to talk about follow up call tomorrow.
“MYE” stands for “midyear exam” and was the FBI case name for the Clinton email investigation. These two deep state rats, Strzok and Page, are just minor players. Their boss, Crooked Comey, was orchestrating this conspiracy to let Hillary Clinton go free and to then make sure Trump would be wrongly incriminated in the bogus “Trump-Russia” collusion case.
President Trump knew Comey perjured himself back in September, and he tweeted, “Wow, looks like James Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton long before the investigation was over…and so much more. A rigged system!”
Wow, looks like James Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton long before the investigation was over...and so much more. A rigged system!
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The Strzok-Page text messages point straight to Comey. He was their boss, and the buck stopped with him at the FBI. Now, Rep. Trey Gowdy is livid. Comey lied under oath numerous times to Gowdy and other House Intel Committee members, and his time is up.
Gowdy appeared on Fox and Friends early Tuesday morning, where he dropped the bomb on Comey, saying, “I want Comey back under oath. He’s the central figure whether to exonerate Hillary Clinton and I’ve litigated that issue with him three times before, look, he ‘knows’ by now he has no choice but to go back on the record.”
Yes, Gowdy is talking about a subpoena, and obviously, Comey got that subpoena early this morning. That “nasty surprise” at his doorstep probably sent Crooked Comey’s blood pressure through the roof. Since Comey was fired by the FBI, Gowdy must subpoena him, he can’t take the gamble that he’ll show up on his own.
James Comey has been spending his time lecturing Americans on “ethics and morals” via Twitter since he was fired. Now, he is exposed as one of the biggest unethical deep state rats, but Crooked Comey has nowhere left to hide. Americans will remember him just as we remember Benedict Arnold, an arrogantly entitled traitor who chose the dark side and ended up an utter disgrace to his nation.

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