After Pelosi Says ‘Trump Equals Armageddon,’ Sarah Slaps Her Hard With ‘Brutal Surprise’

Nancy Pelosi has been a thorn in President Donald Trump’s side from day one, and she really made a fool of herself over the recent tax cuts.
Shouting like a crazed doomsday psychic, Pelosi told her leftist supporters that “Trump’s tax plan will bring Armageddon, he is Armageddon.” Well, Sarah Huckabee Sanders never forgot Pelosi’s words, and she just slapped her hard with a “brutal surprise.” You’ll love this.
It must really piss Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats off when they see the data from our current economy and how well Americans, in general, are doing between the stock market, new jobs, and upcoming tax cuts.
Let’s face it, Democrats are never truly happy unless Americans are unhappy and need them to swoop in and save them. That would explain their crap policies that kill jobs and rob middle-class Americans. So, when Pelosi ran around screaming “Armageddon,” over Trump’s tax plan, it was par for the course.
Sarah Sanders waited until facts on the economy came in, and then, she gave ole Pelosi a brutal surprise.
The White House press secretary trolled the Congresswoman with a tweet that is going viral, posting, “Despite Nancy Pelosi’s warning of ‘Armageddon’ the Trump economy is booming.
‘It turns out the businessman knows more about how the economy really works than the chattering class.’” She included a Real Clear Politics article outlining how the president’s policies have turned our economy around.
Real Clear Politics reported, “The world economy is as strong today as it has been in at least a decade, as The Wall Street Journal recently reported. Now, the left has to engage in logical contortions to explain how the red-hot American economy is really a result of Obama policies — every which one Trump has systematically been dismantling.”
The report added, “As I’ve acknowledged many times, the roaring stock market and the surging rate of growth of the economy (which is now estimated at 3.5 percent, up from 1.6 percent in Obama’s last year in office) could turn against Trump in the months and years to come.
It’s quite possible that the market exuberance over Trump’s deregulation and tax cut policies have run too far ahead.”
Well, you would have thought Sarah Sanders had actually started Armageddon, by the whiny loser leftists who were triggered by her tweet.
“Go to bed. You need your beauty sleep,” posted one of Pelosi’s followers, which caused Twitchy to report sarcastically, “Oh look, an attack on her looks. Color us shocked.”
Then, there was this bimbo, who just had to attack Sanders, too. Notice, these losers never have any facts to back up how “Trump is Armageddon” for our economy or otherwise, instead they just attack Sarah personally.
“When you can’t possibly argue what she said is TRUE, attack her looks and family. How truly proud your Mother must be to hear you speak of a mother this way,” responded“Deplorable Meg.”
You know you’re getting to the nutjobs when they refuse to debate and present their side of things. When they attack you personally in a debate, that’s called “ad hominem,” which is defined as an argument “directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining.”
The leftist losers resort to ad hominem attacks because they have nothing, nada, zero in facts to show us all how Barack Obama did anything but grind America into the ground. Now that Trump is winning, and winning bigly, the level of their hate is growing.
God Bless Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She is a true star in Trump’s administration. She’s fearless, and she’s confident, commanding the facts as she goes up against the most despicable Trump-haters out there — the liberal mainstream media.

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