Donald Trump Just Showed Up Where Obama Just Was And Returned EVERYTHING He Stole From Americans!

Liberals are going mad after it was announced that President Donald Trump would drastically slash two major pieces of federal land in the American West. He’s moving in to take back what Obama stole and give it right back to Americans! This is being viewed as a blow to legacy monuments created by former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and many on the left are gasping for air over the bold move.

Trump announced, in Salt Lake City, Utah, that he would slash the size of the two pieces of federal land in Utah created under the Clinton and Obama administrations, essentially reversing a bit of a gesture made by former Presidents. This will affect the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and the Bears Ears National Monument.
Some people are up in arms about this situation but are unable to pinpoint this on a map. They’re more interested in being upset with President Trump, and specifically – anything he does that may be constituted as reversing a move made by any Democrat. Former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama might not be thrilled with it either, but there’s nothing they can do to impede Trump’s progress.
According to the Conservative Tribune, “The plan, which has long been in the works, has drawn protests from environmentalists and Native American activists, who claim that the cuts are an insult to Native Americans and illegal.
However, conservatives have long contended that both monuments were nothing more than an usurpation of land by the federal government by abusing the 1906 Antiquities Act.
The move has been a long time in coming; in October, it was reported that Trump had called Utah GOP Sen. Orrin Hatch and told him he was approving a plan by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke that would reverse federal protection on 3.6 million acres of land. In the case of Bears Ears National monument, that means a 85 percent reduction of federally-protected land.
On his way out the door last year, former President Obama decided to use the Antiquities Act to create the monument — one of 29 he created during his presidency for a grand total of 553 million acres of land under the control of the federal government.
The problem with that is that while the Antiquities Act does give the president the power to create monuments, it specifically states that they need to a) be confined to as small an area as possible and b) limited to “protecting specific artifacts or other items of cultural and historical significance,” according to The Washington Times.”
Many Americans are confident that the monument could’ve been completed with fewer than 553 million acres. Let’s not forget that people are removing statue monuments, so this should be no big deal to people accustomed to moving or taking down other monuments.
Some citizens believe that the government has enough land already and those folks will be graciously OK with this move by Trump. 
This comes well after former President Obama declared nearly 600,000,000 acres of federal land and ocean space off-limits, the most of any president in U.S. history. The Federal government now owns nearly a third of all land in the United States.
This is territory that should’ve been turned over to the States long ago – not expanded. It was back in the 1800s it was agreed that the federal government was originally supposed to hold western lands “in trust” until they were handed over to the states.
That “handing over” part still has yet to happen over a full century later.
In total, the American government owns over 640 million acres of land, most of which is located in the western portion of the United States.
The northeast and southern states aren’t affected much, but there’s a big jump in government ownership starting in the midwest, then finally creeping over to the west. The American government also owns most of Alaska.
What can we the people do with all that land if Trump gives it to citizens?
What has the government done with all the land they own? Can you imagine owning even a piece of that land?  Is there a benefit to government owning a third of the country?
What will Trump give back to the American people next? Share if you like this story and leave a comment below.


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