Sheriff David A. Clarke of Milwaukee County, who is a steadfast supporter of President Donald Trump is now being investigated by federal agents only mere months after prosecutors denied to press charges after he was accused of threatening an unruly passenger on a flight back in January.

A recently discovered FBI search warrant which has been dated March 21, 2017, led FBI investigators to search Google for “information associated” with the sheriff’s email account.
They wanted info on communications after January 15, 2017, regarding the detention of Dan Black. Dan Black is the man who sued Clarke in February for allegedly having him detained and interrogated by deputies after a plane flight to Milwaukee. Something that is well within his right to do so as a sheriff.
Black claimed that it was Clarke who started the confrontation with him by asking him during the flight if he “had a problem?” He also went on to add that the sheriff’s office later posted a threatening statement, “Next time he or anyone else pulls this stunt on a plane they may get knocked out.”

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SCOOP: FBI investigating former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, a Donald Trump surrogate, according to search warrant affidavit I just stumbled upon. Heads up @journalsentinel @realDonaldTrump
Sheriff Clarke said he does not have to wait for someone to assault him to take proactive measures. He reserved the reasonable right to pre-empt a possible assault. His office declined to comment on the lawsuit.
The FBI is investigating him for allegedly misusing his authority as sheriff. The same FBI who we now know was in cahoots with Crooked Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party in order to take out Candidate Donald Trump. Interesting, don’t you think?
The Scale of FBI and DOJ Corruption is Beyond Comprehension…
Let us spend some productive time actually thinking about the processes of how to eliminate the entrenched tentacles of the corrupt deep state, specifically surrounding the politicization of the FBI and Dept of Justice, with a reasonable amount of intellectual honesty toward the scale of the endeavor.
It is entirely understandable that people are frustrated because the administrative agents within the Deep State apparatus appear to operate in a system, of their creation, that allows them to operate above the rule of law. Righteous voices rising up in frustration demanding action; wholesale destruction of those usurping agents with extreme prejudice.
Fair enough.
If you spend time looking at the scale and scope, I mean honestly looking at how deeply enmeshed those ideological entities are within the system, you would also have to admit the problem is not just a matter of eliminating a few dozen DOJ lawyers and FBI agents. The issue is much bigger. Example:
•Congressional investigators ask for documents. •The current management of the FBI and DOJ refuse to turn over those documents. •Frustration explodes.
However, it is important to remember the House and Senate Judiciary and Intelligence Committees contain both Democrats and Republicans. Any investigative information released to any congressional committee immediately becomes information for corrupt political operatives (Example: Adam Schiff) to share with their corrupt ideological allies inside the FBI and DOJ who are at risk from the investigative material.
Those corrupt FBI and DOJ officials are then tipped-off to the evidence that might be used against them. The corrupt political operatives within Congress, and the corrupt political agents inside the FBI and DOJ, then have the opportunity to shape, modify and organize the information for their corrupt political operatives in the media.
Defensive positions are formed.
The whole damned system is corrupt.
The FBI was politicized and corrupted (Obama/Mueller/Comey).
The DOJ was politicized and corrupted (Obama/Holder/Lynch).
The CIA was politicized and corrupted (Obama/Brennan/Morell).
The ODNI was politicized and corrupted (Obama/Clapper).
The FBI counterintelligence units were politicized and corrupted (Comey/McCabe/Baker/Priestap/Strzok/Page).
The DOJ National Security Division was politicized and corrupted (Lynch/Yates/Carlin/McCord/Laufman/Evans/Weigman/Ohr); along with all of their colleagues, staff and support teams who willfully participated in the corruption.
The oversight committees inside congress are politicized and corrupted by ideological politicians who act to defend the interests of all the above.
Heck, the IRS was weaponized against American citizens; and by their own admission the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) was politicized and corrupted by the fraudulent and misleading information presented by the highest level FBI and DOJ officials – and then later used for political benefit and unlawful intention.
This is the reality. This is the current problem. This doesn’t change just because we are frustrated by the scale of it all…
As I previously outlined: spend enough time chasing these slippery rabbits through holes that lead to Deep State mirrored mazes and you develop ninja level cynicism skills.
Applying prior experience (Fast and Furious, IRS, Benghazi, Clinton emails, etc) toward investigating the illegal 2016 FBI and DOJ “Trump Operation” does not present and confidence the corrupt, colluding and conspiratorial rabbits can be chased to the necessary dead end. That viewpoint is well understood, believe me.
Overlay an ridiculously corrupt American media, who share information through the primary prism of political benefit for ‘their team’, and your eyes fall out of your ears from rolling so much. Believe me, I understand -and accept- exponential cynicism by those who have watched years of gross lawlessness being swept under the swamp rugs.
But if you take a look at the approach being taken there does appear to be a much more thoughtful strategy being followed this time around.
The key to defeating all the professional swamp-dwellers is to: first, accept the scale of who your enemy is; and second, have all the prosecutorial systems strategically in place prior to the release of the most damning evidence against them. Any evidence released too soon allows the slippery usurpers to formulate a defense.
Why is the FBI even in operation still? Isn’t it about time it’s disbanded considering how damn corrupt they have been proven to be? This biased organization has already betrayed the public’s trust to the point it will never be regained again and they really shouldn’t be investigating anyone. What FBI agents should be doing is packing up their bags and heading down to the local EDD office, not to harass Trump supporters.
Please share if you agree the FBI should be disbanded…


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