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BREAKING NEWS From DC…. It’s Happening On Monday! THIS IS WRONG!!

Sometimes as the president of the most powerful nation in the world, you just have to be wise enough to know how to pick your battles. And this is exactly what President Donald Trump has done when he decided to just drop the whole military transgendered recruit ban appeal.
Today it’s being reported by multiple media news outlets that the Trump Administration has decided not to appeal court rulings reversing the ban of Transgenered people from enlisting in the U.S. military starting this coming Monday, January 1st, 2018. The department went as far as to withdraw all its legal challenges to several federal court rulings that blocked the administration from banning transgendered people from enlisting in the U.S. armed services. There was no immediate reason as to why the Trump administration had a chance of heart, but it can be assumed that the LGBTQXYZ Mafia probably had something to do with all this.
Although the talking point pushed by the social justice warriors seems to be that if any…


Sheriff David A. Clarke of Milwaukee County, who is a steadfast supporter of President Donald Trump is now being investigated by federal agents only mere months after prosecutors denied to press charges after he was accused of threatening an unruly passenger on a flight back in January.

A recently discovered FBI search warrant which has been dated March 21, 2017, led FBI investigators to search Google for “information associated” with the sheriff’s email account. They wanted info on communications after January 15, 2017, regarding the detention of Dan Black. Dan Black is the man who sued Clarke in February for allegedly having him detained and interrogated by deputies after a plane flight to Milwaukee. Something that is well within his right to do so as a sheriff. Black claimed that it was Clarke who started the confrontation with him by asking him during the flight if he “had a problem?” He also went on to add that the sheriff’s office later posted a threatening statement, “Next time…

Hollywood Actor Bruce Willis: ‘Trump Is The Best US President Ever, Anyone Who Dislikes Him Should Move To…’

Hollywood actor Bruce Willis once again expressed his unconditional support for President Donald Trump in a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon, although these days it’s very unusual for him to be supported by any Hollywood star. When Willis was asked about his opinion on Trump’s presidency so far he said: “I think that he’s doing great. In fact, he just might be the best US President ever.”
Fallon then asked him if he was serious about this statement because it would definitely sound like an exaggeration to many people. Willis responded: “Yeah I’m being serious about this. Trump has always been a winner and to be honest I can’t think of a better man to lead America at this moment.” Bruce Willis is one the few conservatives in Hollywood who are not afraid to express their support for President Trump. He has always been a fan of Trump and everything that he represents – a successful businessman and a role model for every young American. Willis added: “Trump has a winning mentality and …

BREAKING: Trey Gowdy Moves To Destroy Obama’s Shadow Government. Support Him?

Rep. Trey Gowdy is currently working hard for the freedom and security of every single American. Gowdy wants to take down the shadow government — once and for all. During an interview on Fox News, Gowdy had some choice questions for the intelligence community. He wanted to know who’s been accessing the private information of citizens, and who has the ability to unmask them. Gowdy pledged not to vote to reauthorize ANY kind of surveillance program until he gets real, sustainable answers about the shadow government, via Real Clear Politics.
It’s high time we got some answers as to what’s really going on behind the scenes. You have to give Gowdy props for stepping up, and doing what so many others are afraid to do — stand up to Obama’s deep state spies.  We’ve known for a while now that they were watching President Trump and his associates. The question remains: where are they lurking now? We have a hunch. Now that the election is over, the spies didn’t go back into their holes to find …

Obama tells Prince Harry he had mixed feelings handing power to Trump

Prince Harry interviews Barack Obama: Former US president reveals he had mixed feelings handing power to Trump on BBC Today programme
Barack Obama has revealed he had mixed feelings handing over power to Donald Trump, but added there was a surprising “serenity” following the president’s inauguration.

The former US President was interviewed by Prince Harry on BBCRadio Four’s Today programme on Wednesday.

The young royal, who was guest editing the morning news show, was praised for his interviewing style and “positive” chat with Mr Obama.

Asked how he felt on the day of Mr Trump’s inauguration in January, Mr Obama said he felt thankful for his wife Michelle, who he called a “spectacular, funny, warm person” and a skilled first lady. Prince Harry interviews Barack Obama for Today programme He told Prince Harry: “[I had] the sense that there was a completion and that we had done the work which preserved our integrity and left us whole and that we hadn’t fundamentally changed. “I think was a s…

WATCH: All Hell Breaks Lose On Fox News – Laura Ingraham Eviscerates Megyn Kelly, Live On Air

Yesterday, was reported that Megyn Kelly brought three women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct on her morning show to increase ratings. Hours later, Fox News host Laura Ingraham gave a brutal dose of reality to Kelly, who claimed that she planned to stay out of politics when she started on NBC. Mad World News reported that Ingraham began by slamming NBC for trying to “distract from their own journalistic and sex abuse scandals” by “dragging out” women who accuse President Trump of sexual misconduct. It’s barely even been a week since legendary NBC host Matt Lauer was fired for sexual misconduct. “The president, of course, has denied these allegations, but that didn’t stop Megyn Kelly from showcasing them on her own struggling morning show,” Ingraham said on Monday night. “So much for her staying out of politics. Wasn’t that what she was going to do?” “Well, they then held a press conference sponsored by a [George] Soros-backed group called Brave New Films,” added Ing…