In our generation, each of us has a different perspectives or beliefs when it comes to how we value our virginity. Peer pressure, boredom, desire to be loved, technology, how parents raise their child, etc. are some of the reasons why teenagers gave their virginity to someone. The question is “Is Virginity still a big deal nowadays?”
I interviewed one student about her perspective when it comes to virginity, and in her case she don’t think that virginity is still a big issue anymore.
We live now in a generation where all teenager -esp our age- value modernity, fame, and whether you’re in or out in the circle more rather than whether you’re still a virgin or not. Youth’s nowadays, doesn’t care anymore about what other people will think about them losing their virginity in such young age. All we could think now is how trendible it is, and how good it must feel, no matter how inappropriate and forbidden it is to have premarital sex.
She lost her virginity while she is in College at the age of 17 and she did regret it but not because she thinks that giving up your virginity is wrong, but because she gave it to the wrong man.
Curiosity and Peer Pressure is the reason why she gave it early. She said that most of her friends and acquaintances talk a lot about doing deed.
Admit it or not, we, as a teenager finds forbidden things more fun and thrilling. So I did, I gave up my virginity just to test how true the statements about having sex are. Yes, it’s wrong, yes it’s forbidden, and yes, i did regret it.” she said.
Maybe, virginity doesn’t really matter nowadays and people will judge you anyway so do whatever you think that makes you happy but make sure you’re not hurting someone physically or emotionnaly.
but, there are some people who still believe that valuing their virginity is a must and it will only be given after the marriage. They believe that that lust and fornication are sins that’s why they’re not also infavor of having premarital sex.
Loving yourself more and waiting for the right person to protect or give him/her a good image about yourself is really a good idea.
There’s always a right time for everything, so if we can just wait, we are also preparing ourself for a better future. Being contented of what we have and not forcing ourselves just to fit in in our sorroundings.
If you’re virgin and want to try something, think twice. You might regret it in the end. We should give it only to the person that has mutual feelings back and not to the person you just met somewhere.
Temptations are everywhere, you have to control yourself and give yourself a respect.
Most of the women, still believes that they have a responsibility to their future husband to remain pure for him. It is really a treasure and precious gift ever  that a man can have from her wife.
Technology is also one of the reason why teenagers are influenced and engage to premarital sex because it has a porn sites that anyone who knows how to use technology and has a access on internet can watch porn and that’s the reason why they have knowledge of having sex.
Boredom is also one of the reason of their sexually involvement. Drinking alcohol and  using drugs increase our drive for pleasure and increase our willingness to take risks by decreasing our inhibitions and impairing good judgement.
There are some guys, who uses love just to have sex and some girls who uses sex to be loved. Most of the victims of this kind of case are woman who are desired to be loved by the man because they think that giving all that they have to the man they love is the reason for them to stay and be faithful to her. But not all men are like this. Always think twice.
How the parents raise their children and their environment is also a big influence why teenagers engage in premarital sex because in their our home, the parents are the role model to their children that’s why they should not do any bad things or habits that their child could possibly do if they see them.

Do what makes you happy, don’t let the people judge you. Just let them because if there’s anyone who really knows you, it’s only you and no one else.
“It is important that you should know how to teach people hot to treat you because of what you impose as your personality to them gaves them to tear you as such you can have love without giving sex that easy…” – Caloy Faner

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“Richard E. Nisbett, a psychologist at the University of Michigan, says in his book The Geography of Thought that our brains neurally encode the perceptions that are offered to us by our surrounding culture; this means that if a woman continually hears of her vagina being compared to something unpleasant, her mind will shape itself around that idea. During the development of industrialized societies, our notion of the vagina has changed so much that we’ve lost a lot of thebeautiful symbolism that was at the forefront of Eastern cultures. It’s not too late to adopt them, though — or at least know what they are so our vaginas can get a well-deserved self-esteem boost.” -Gina Florio
In some Muslim communities, virginity of woman should maintain and the groom is also expecting it from her bride. Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia and Egypt, women should always put white cloth and place it inside of herself after their wedding and if the cloth will not have a blood, the girl and her entire family will be such a disgrace to a mans family and to himself also.
There are also some parts in India where they practice auctioning off virginity when young girls soon hit their puberty. While in Ancient Rome, they should maintain their virginity until they get 30 years old or else they will  be buried alive.
In Ancient Medieval times, the blood-soaked sheets will be carried by the midwives to go around the village for everyone to see that the bride is really virgin.

“When it comes to finding the right person, great people have one advice in common – love yourself first. What they’re all saying is, before finding your superman, learn first how to fly and be your own wonderwoman. Instead of searching for your knight in shining armor and prince charming, focus more on awakening the warrior princess that lies deep within you but slumbering. Rather than looking for a husband material man, concentrate more on becoming a wife material woman. Above all, worry most about the moral values that you’re going to bestow upon your children, for that will eventually cultivate in them the virtue of independence. In summary, be the woman a man needs, not the woman that needs a man.” – Jeric Somosierra Araniego


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